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The Sanity Gurus Yoga & Wellness Guides

"Find yourself & love what you find"




Schedule & Events 

Kristen Crisp RYT200/NASM CPT can be found weekly teaching yoga at these local spots in lovely Gainesville, Florida


Tuesdays 5;45-6:45 pm Flow for All                                                       @ Flow Space 117 NW 16th Ave. 

This class is open to everyBODY. We celebrate our differences in this all-levels vinyasa class (meaning movement in tempo with the breath.) We will begin class with a centering on the breath to get tuned, and then move through a gentle warm-up. Once we're ready, we will flow in time with the breath until we're ready to cool down. As always, a delicious savasana will integrate our physical practice with our minds and moods.


Thursdays 5:30-6:30pm Hatha Flow All Levels                                       $5cash  @Depot Park 200 SE Depot Ave. 

Classical Hatha is for beginners and beyond.  Starting with the roots of Hatha Yoga, each instructor adds their own personality to make each class unique. Hatha, like most styles of yoga, links breath and movement together to create a mindful sequence. Adaptations of poses are introduced for those either looking to challenge or relax their own experience.



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The Business of Wellness

March 25th  1:00-3:00pm $20

House of Yin 1621 NW 6th St , Gainesville, FL

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Are you a loving wellness healer but have a hard time knowing how to run yourself as a business? You are not alone!

We all learn a modality we are passionate about (yoga, massage, acupuncture, etc...) but once we leave school there is a key component missing. The business side of wellness.

Most schools do a fantastic job of teaching us how to be healers but little is taught on how to deal with our finances, market ourselves, and dare to even guess about taxes!

This interative workshop will cover some basics of the business side of wellness such as but not limited to:

*What is the best business model for YOU?

*Financial goals


*The daunting world of taxes*

*Creating a business plan

*Listening to your heart vs. social media envy

Bring a journal for note taking, a water bottle and any light snacks you'd like to share with the group. We will have group discussion as well as some blocks of short meditation/centering to open ourselves up to new ideas and intentions for our business minds.

Kristen Crisp RYT200/NASM CPT has 30+ years of retail management/merchandising/sales under her belt prior to her days of becoming a healer. She has owned a sailboat rigging company with her husband Julian as well as her own yoga studio, Sanity Gurus in Gainesville Florida.

*Kristen is NOT a tax/accounting professional. All info is provided to guide other healers in the basics of setting up their business model and to seek professional advice in the matters of tax rules and preparation.

Pre-registration is required as space is limited. 


 Cacaoga® with Intention

April 7th  1:00-3:00pm $25

Flow Space 116 NW 16th Ave., Gainesville, FL

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Intention setting is more than making yourself a "promise" to start or stop something, It is a practice you should do regularly and often and is the launching pad for your dreams.

Intentions allow us to aim for goals and hold us accountable for our actions, movements and best of all... our desires!

Join Cacaoga® guide Kristen Crisp RYT200 on a blissful journey of restorative, mindful yoga postures along with the warm flow of a nourishing cup of cacao to help bring your most exciting intentions to the forefront.

Native to tropical areas of Latin America, cacao is chocolate before the processing; an unsugared, unadulterated form of one of our world's favorite sweets. Known as a super food, cacao is high in magnesium, calcium, antioxidants, and iron--and is an incredible mood booster! One of its more potent components is anandamide, a neurotransmitter known as the bliss molecule. Ceremonial cacao partners with us, facilitating the journey inward and the discovery of our truest, highest, most love-filled selves.

Pre-regsitration required as space is limited.