We offer classes for every level and ability. With a variety of classes and instructors you are sure to find the perfect fit.  If you are unsure where to begin feel free to reach out to any of us so we can match you up with the right class or simply drop in to any of our community classes to sample our wonderful variety of instructors. Be sure to be prompt to class so everyone can enjoy the best experience possible. 


Classical Hatha

Classical Hatha is for beginners and beyond.  Starting with the roots of Hatha Yoga, each instructor adds their own personality to make each class unique.  Hatha , like most styles of yoga, links breath and movement together to create a mindful sequence. Adaptations of poses are introduced for those either looking to challenge or relax their own experience.

Vinyasa Flow

Combining movement and breath we will take you from one pose seamlessly to the next, building from the ground up.  We provide adaptations for the beginners as well as challenging options for the more advanced yogi.  All levels encouraged.  

Dynamic Power Flow

Dynamic Power Flow is focused on building strength, flexibility and heat. We use the power and control of the breath to focus and engage with our bodies. By incorporating challenging postures and breaking them down from the basics it helps learn the value of levity and discipline. 






Welcome to a slower movement! Therapeutic flow is an all levels class with a more restorative feel.  Longer holds and more floor work combined with a meditative pace allows the mind to deepen and relax from the busy-ness of day to day life. Stillness and gentle movement are held for longer periods of time. Perfect for anyone looking to release and unwind. 


Chair Yoga               

An assisted flow class designed for those with limited mobility who still want to enjoy all the benefits of yoga. A perfect way to relax yet strengthen without the stress of moving on and off of the floor.  

This class is also a great addition to a regular practice especially if you sit at a desk all day as you will learn postures you can use at work.... and maybe get your entire office flowing! 

Community Gathering  

Our weekly $5 community class that offers a rotating schedule of instructors so students can experience the different types of classes and flows the Gurus have to offer. 

These classes are all levels and can be adapted for the brand new yogi or the most experienced practitioner.  A great way to test the waters and introduce a different style or instructor to your practice.  

$5 CASH ONLY.  Unlimited class packs only

Shambava Meditation

Shambhava Yoga Meditation practices are diverse yet simple, practical yet profound. They begin on the cushion and in the heart, using breath and mantra to experience what lies beyond the mind. With practice, this subtle awareness is cultivated in all life circumstances, bringing the light of consciousness with you everywhere you go.