Many of our instructors are Yoga Alliance Registered (RYT's) which means they’ve been trained in yoga techniques, methodology, philosophy, anatomy, physiology, and lifestyle. Like each individual, each instructor is unique in personality and teaching styles making each class a unique experience.  


Kristen Crisp

Owner/Instructor RYT200/NASM CPT

Kristen started on her path to wellness and positive thinking in 2006 with her first yoga class in Dallas, TX. After some significant life transforming experiences with yoga, she trained at NPTI in Chicago under LIvia Budrys who gave her the inspiration and the tools to work towards not only being a great instructor but reminding her that we are always students in our practice and our life.  After facing several years of trying times, Kristen also missed her time at the gym and decided to add to her wellness resume by becoming a Certified Personal Trainer through NASM in 2014.  

The idea behind The Sanity Gurus was to bring together a community of teachers and students that want to transform their bodies, their minds, and their purpose here on planet Earth.  Through yoga, exercise, nutrition, and a host of other wellness options we want to find out who you are and what you need to be the most awesome version of YOU! This is what made up her mantra of "Find yourself and love what you find". 

Kristen is also the co-owner of a sailboat rigging company with her lovely British husband. She loves yoga, the water, reading, stand-up paddleboarding, almost all kinds of music and her amazing cat posse.  


Marion Booth

Instructor RYT 200  

As a child, Marion would observe her mother practicing yoga and found it both fascinating and mystifying at the same time. Growing up she took classes here and there, but it wasn’t until 2009 when she became a dedicated student of yoga after having some health issues stemming from many years of running and weight training, and her Chiropractor suggesting (for 3 years) to take up yoga to see if it would help. After that first class, she was amazed at how different she felt not only physically but mentally and spiritually as well. Marion has been participating in yoga classes from that day forward and went on to earning her RYT-200 at YogaVeda in Alachua, Florida. 

"My classes are a balance of breathing techniques, proper alignment of poses, discovering flexibility and strength, centering ones focus, and sharing the essence of yoga."

Kate Keskinen

Instructor RYT 200

Kate took her first class in 2008 while looking to sustain the strength, flexibility and body awareness she had gained from years of dance experience. While the physical practice of yoga enhanced her mind-body connection and engagement, what really surprised her was the mental clarity and shift in consciousness that yoga eventually brought and continues to bring. As a teacher she wants to bring that same magic shift with her students.  

Her classes are focused on the breath, letting it guide and develop movement, and the physical discipline of repeated and sustained asana practice. She believes that an initial concentration on the most superficial limb of yoga is the gateway to a deeper path. 

"It's all about balance. Building strength and flexibility in our bodies createsstrength and flexibility in our minds. Like yin and yang, parts of one quality always live in the heart of its opposite.  That is what yoga teaches us.  Finding connection and harmony with all things, expecially wihin ourselves." 

Kate received her 200 hour training at Italia Power Yoga in Florence, Italy.


Jordan Hench 

Instructor RYT 200  

Jordan discovered yoga in 2005 by doing P90X with her dad. When she first started yoga, it was more of a workout, not realizing that yoga was slowly changing her life. Jordan became less depressed and testy, growing more compassionate and physically flexible. Inspired by the yoga community, she successfully completed her 200-hour YTT in 2014 through Yoga Den in Jacksonville, FL. She tries to take a light-hearted approach to yoga. Not to take yourself too seriously! We'll flow, sweat and hopefully share a few laughs along the way.

Sabrian Pedron.jpg

Sabrina Pedron 

Instructor RYT 200

Sabrina Padron was born in Caracas, Venezuela and moved to the United States in 2011 when she was 15 years old.

She was in awe of how she felt when her mom took her to her first yoga class back in 2011. It was an instant knowing and feeling of connectedness. From that moment of discovery, she knew that sharing that feeling with others would be her passion.

Guided by inspiring teachers, Sabrina enrolled in her first teacher training beginning of 2016, where she began her sadhana: daily spiritual practice and self-inquiry. She graduated in 2016 with her 200-hour RYT certification, and has been teaching regularly ever since.

Sabrina inspires others to push their boundaries while maintaining a soothing voice. Sabrina’s ultimate goal of each class is to create a connection between the body, mind and spirit of her students to invite the opportunity to open up their hearts to self-love and self-discovery. Sabrina teaches Vinyasa Flow and Power Vinyasa where she integrates alignment, core work, meditation and breathing techniques.


Eli Hall.jpg

Eli Hall   

Eli Hall started training a traditional style of karate in 2004 and achieved the rank of Shodan(black belt) in 2009. He went on to compete and train internationally. In 2014 he tested and received Nidan(2nd degree black belt) in Japan under the grand master of the style. Eli also holds a black armband in Muay Thai and a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. 

Why train karate? In this day and age it's one of the best activities for both mind and body, for the young and old. Karate can be a practical self defense, a fun way to get or stay healthy, and a great way to make friends and travel around the world. For some, karate is a hobby, for others its a competitive sport, and for many its a life style. 

You can contact Eli directly for more information about his Karate classes offered at Sanity Gurus at 


Jennifer MacNeill

Instructor RYT 500

Born in Boston, MA and growing up along the CT shoreline, Jennifer’s introduction to yoga was a weekly Vinyasa class at the gym, in 1999. Through the years she developed a love for the tradition of yoga, uncovering its rich spiritual history and finding it an amazing tool for dealing with her own stress and chronic pain. Jennifer has lived in Gainesville since 2011 and received her 200 hr Hatha Yoga certification from Shambhava Yoga Shoshoni in Rollinsville, CO. 

Jennifer’s teaching passions include restorative Hatha yoga classes and strength building, alignment focused classes, which help create a strong foundation for further yoga practice. Her personal goal is to reach out to the community and promote healing through yoga.