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You have one body and one mind, 'til death do us part! Let our team of collaborators help you take the best possible care of what you have. Combining one on one training and group workshops we are out to transform you into the most positive individual that you are capable of being. Let us help you "Find yourself and love what you find".


Our Services

We offer yoga, life-coaching, personal training meditation and a host of other wellness modalities in the form of private sessions, group classes, workshops, and retreats. Our goal is to teach and empower you to become the strongest, healthiest, happiest version of yourself.

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About us

The Sanity Gurus is a team of collaborators who work and breathe together for the good of the whole human. Through movement, breath, music, massage, coaching, and other amazing modalities we strive to bring the person or group in front of us into a state of “wholeness”.

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Schedule +Events

Find our weekly class schedule as well as events, workshops and retreats. Looking to put a wellness spin on a private event? Reach out and we will work with you to put together a unique wellness experience that your friends, family, or co-workers won’t forget.

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Our Mission

The Sanity Gurus is a team of wellness and fitness professionals with the common goal of working on the whole being to create a better mind, body and soul. We are more than trainers and teachers... we are friends with care and compassion about our clients lives. We create space not only for classes, but for community and outreach opportunities. We have strong faith and believe in sharing love and peace through yoga, life-coaching, meditation, bodywork, breathwork and fellowship.


We are the sum of our parts. If we only address one part we aren’t completing ourselves. We work on the whole being; mind, soul, and body; head to toe.

— Kristen Crisp


A Whole Being Approach

Combining multiple modalities we can work on the “whole” client. Our approach is to awaken your self into a state of “wholeness”. A state where we are more deeply aware of how our breath is flowing, our body is moving and our mind is creating.