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Kristen Crisp, NPTI RYT200 , NASM CPT, Cacaoga® Guide, Founder

Kristen started on her path to wellness and positive thinking in 2006 when she took her first yoga class.  She fell so deeply in love with the practice she decided to pursue teacher training while living in Chicago.  She trained at NPTI under Livia Budrys who gave her the inspiration and the tools to work towards not only being a great instructor but reminding her that we are always students in our practice and our life. After facing several years of some extremely trying times, Kristen realized that while she loves her time on the mat, she also missed strength training. She headed back to the gym in 2010 and felt like her she had re-awakened some lost physical awareness. To round out her physical teachings and knowledge she received her Personal Training certification through NASM in 2014.  

She believes that we all have God-given gifts and talents to offer the world and through the practice of regular intentional movement we can open our minds and bodies to allow our personal greatness to shine through.

Kristen is the founder of Sanity Gurus (formerly Traveling Yoga) and in 2019 is launching her life-coaching model “Find Yourself-Create Yourself ”.

NPTI RYT200, 2008
NASM CPT, 2014 Cacaoga® Guide 2017

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Collaborators + Inspirational Humans

Our collaborators aren’t just wellness professionals, they are amazing souls to breathe with, share space with, and learn from.

Reach out to customize an amazing wellness experience, workshop or retreat for your group.


Sarah Barrett LMT

Sarah developed an interest in holistic wellness during her undergraduate studies at College of the Atlantic in Bar Harbor, ME while pursuing a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Human Ecology.  Human Ecology is an interdisciplinary approach to understanding the relationship between humans and their environment and works towards improving those relationships.

She went on to study massage therapy at Acadia School of Massage, studying under Naturopathic Doctor John E. Baranowski and Kiana Lyford, L.M.T. Her instructors passed on their passion and knowledge of massage therapy and its ability to impact overall wellness and quality of life.

In her practice Sarah uses a combination of modalities such as Deep Tissue, Neuromuscular Technique, Trigger Point, Cupping, Swedish, and Hydrotherapy. She is deeply committed to effective and individualized treatment for all clients. With detailed attention to clients’ health history, Sarah works towards understanding everyone's unique needs while encouraging lifestyle changes that will benefit overall health and longevity.


Danielle Gertner - Trainer/Wellness Guide

Driven to inspire people everywhere to take ownership over their life and wellness journey, Danielle Gertner founded Gertner Grind, a holistic platform that challenges the mainstream approach to wellness and inspires people to see the world as their gym.

Over the last four years, through customized workout programs, workshops, retreats and special events, on topics ranging from Owning Your Grind to Habit Transformation and Goal Setting, Danielle and her team have worked with individuals like you to build a foundation for lifelong transformation. Learn to harness your initiative, creativity and adaptability through the educational approach Danielle and her team have strived to build.

Her approach to holistic health goes way beyond personal training. She is a habit changer and understands that deep-rooted change comes when you find synergy between your body, mind and soul. Fitness is just one way of tapping in to that power.

With unparalleled energy and spice, whether you are looking for a transformational workout program or a way to excite your team's atmosphere, she is absolutely someone you want to bring on board!


Corwin Klein - Artist/Musician

Corwin picked up hand percussion at a young age and upon discovering the steel and pan he was hooked. He has also played bass guitar for several local bands in Gainesville, FL including the Duppies, Mind Rise, and Stereo Vudu.

Corwin now provides entrancing soundscapes with the Handpan for yoga, massage, and other wellness events locally and around the globe.