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Prices listed are for private clients and small groups.

For larger events or to customize a workshop please reach out to us for a customized quote.

Public class pricing is listed on our Schedule & Events page.

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Life Coaching

$60/hour — Life coaching addresses a specific personal issue, project or goal and examines what is happening right now versus the past. We take today as a starting point and look at any obstacles or challenges that are blocking the issue and work towards a course of action putting you, the client, in control of getting your life where you want would like it to be.

Coaching + cacao (see Cacaoga®) $75/90 min

Personal Training

$50/hour or $35/blast session— Personal training is more than weight lifting. We prescribe exercises and instruction but also look at what type of exercise is best for YOUR personality. We set goals together as well as giving the client personal accountability for their own success. A strong emphasis on flexibility and mobility is also incorporated in each session.


$ 50/hour or $35/30 min— Meditation is one of the most key elements of a focused mind but one of the things many people find the hardest to do. It is much more than “sitting with eyes closed” and takes practice to achieve. The good news is that with as little as 5 minutes a day you can make significant changes in your daily mental clarity, attention and awareness, and become more emotionally calm and stable.


Private $50/hour — The word Yoga translates to union. A steady yoga practice allows you to teach the whole body how to bring the mind, body, and breath together so they move and flow effortlessly together like an ocean wave. More than an exercise routine, yoga is a 3000+ year old philosophy that will shift the way you think, breath, and move your body. Private yoga session are ideal for any body who wishes to work on a deeper level with a strong emphasis on proper body mechanics and alignment.

Small Groups (2-5) $50 flat + $10+person/hour For larger groups please reach out for a quote.


Personal: $40/hour — Cacao+Yoga=Pure Bliss! In a private Cacaoga® session we combine the drinking of raw Guatemalan cacao (raw chocolate) with a slow Yin-based yoga practice. The cacao provides you with a beautiful mellow focus which allows your mind to open up and hold space for whatever is on the surface hoping to be released.

Cacao provides an abundance of vitamins and antioxidants, as well as facilitating the release of serotonin ( the minds natural anti-depressant) making it one of the worlds super foods.