Kristen is one of my favorite teachers in Gainesville. Her teaching style is extremely responsive to the needs of her students within that particular session. She also does a phenomenal job of incorporating the setting into the session, such as sounds from nature or sunlight from the windows. Her skill as a teacher is only exceeded by her kindness as a person!
— Sebastian Ellios

Happy Clients


I started taking Kristen’s classes a few years back and her classes not only provided me with injury recovery, but were also relaxing and I learned new ways to be in my body and how to incorporate my breath with my movement. I think all yoga is exceptional, but finding the right instructor, such as Kristen, can not only ground you in yoga, but also help you launch into a much more expansive world of body awareness.

- Dr.Craig Sainz D.C.

Kristen teaches a class for adults with disabilities at our campus. She was new to this work but tailored the class for our needs.  We have a wide range of disabilities in each class however she continues to encourage, as well as, motivates everyone in attendance to participate.  Over the years she became family to staff and residents who live on campus. A truly great instructor.

— Erin Byrd Saunders

Tacachale Disabilty Center

Kristen is an intuitive instructor. Whether teaching a yoga class or doing a personal training session, she keys in on the particular needs of her client and then aligns her teaching to those needs. I have seen her immediately feel the pulse of a group class and adjust her teaching to whether the group needs grounding and calming or energizing. I’ve taken yoga classes in many different locales, and Kristen is one of the best teachers I have had the pleasure of studying with.

-Sharon ketts

Kristen has been my personal trainer for several years. I first went to her to train during the winter months when I didn't swim.  I wanted to strengthen my shoulders because by the end of swim season they were always very sore.  At the end of 6 months I saw so much improvement in my whole body that I continued for the past 5 years! I swim strongly without pain. With Kristen's comprehensive guidance I have strengthened my whole body and it feels great. 

— barbara beck


Kristen is my Guru. I have practiced with her for several years and she has consistently assisted me to grow in my practice.  She has patiently guided me through my self imposed inadequacies and has taught me to improve in ways that were unimaginable. Who knew mountain pose was such an art! Also, her guided Savasanas are unforgettable!

— estelle lens

I take two chair yoga classes with Kristen each week. My goal was to help relieve the hip pain that had started and worsened over a year. The classes have reversed that trend and the hip has been improving in mobility and strength. My overall flexibility has also improved.

— Greg Nikolic

Kristen is very patient and I like how she explains the movements we do and how our practice benefits our bodies and improves our well-being. She always gives us options that challenge us but never pressures to do anything we aren’t comfortable doing.

— Eunice Coughlin

I can’t say enough good things about Kristen.She loves and cares about what she teaches. She has the ability to take you to a calm and peaceful place. I can’t imagine not having her in my life to help me stay focused on my bodies well being.

— Angela Davis Bridges